Monday, July 13, 2015

Dr.APJAK Speech @ Launch of the Rashtirya Avishkar Abhiyan

"Excellence in thinking and actions"

Why we learn?

I have often wondered 
what makes us learn ? 
Why we go to school and universities,
read books, surf net for knowledge ? 
So, why we learn ?

I have three thoughts to answer this question. 
First we learn to live. 
Second we learn to think. 
And third, we learn to learn. 

Let me elaborate.

We learn to live ?

As many times since education is for making a person 
as a good human being and enlightened citizen, 
then livelihood and ultimately for career growth. 

Whether you become an officer, a teacher, 
businessmen or businesswomen, a soldier, 
an engineer or doctor or scientists, 
or any profession you cherish to become, 
the fundamental need is 
education, education and right type of education.

We learn to think ?

When we use our knowledge 
which will give us new thoughts. 
For instance, 
Scientists learn science to give them 
the ability to think differently and 
evolve new concepts.

The great examples of learn to think 
in our country Sir CV Raman and 
in USA - Albert Einstein.

Finally, We learn to learn. 
This is where passion 
is fueled by knowledge.
It is when, 
an individual immerses
himself or herself in all possible means 
to gain knowledge and 
reflect on it energized by the zeal of 
knowing everything about a particular field. 

Such a person is undeterred by 
fears of failure and rejection. 

For instance, Ramanujam, the great mathematician 
continued his learning of mathematics with full passion and 
he was not even affected by the fact that 
he did not do so well in all other subjects. 

Einstein was immersed in his relativity theory and 
mass-energy equation as he was learning to learn? and 
no worldly criticism and ridicule 
could make him change his path. 

Hence, every one of the students should 
imbibe the thought that 
"learn to live ? 
learn to think ? and 
learn to learn".

--- Dr. APJ Abdulkalam ---


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