Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Soon, humans may live forever

A famous US futurist and inventor has predicted that in few years, computers will overtake humans and facilitate them to live forever.

Ray Kurzweil has claimed that in the first half of this century there will be a ‘Singularity’, a phase in which there will be incredible rapid technological change, triggered by the moment that computers become smart enough to improve themselves without human intervention.

He has set 2029 as the year when computers will overtake humans and the things start getting really weird - disease will be cured, death defeated, the universe will become the playground of immortal super-beings, the Sydney Morning Herald reported.

“Every aspect of human life will be irreversibly transformed,” says Kurzweil.

He has envisaged that computers will enter our bodies and brains and the pace of change will be beyond our understanding unless we enhance ourselves with artificial intelligence boosts.

COURTESY: onenewspage.in

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