Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Why not other seven planets of our Sun not habituated?

Dr.APJAK Sir's answer...

"When I addressed Southern Regional Science Congress at Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, one student started, he said "my teacher today told me that the Sun has got eight planets, only earth has got life and life supporting system for thousands of species. Tell me Mr Kalam, why not other seven planets of our Sun not habituated.

I asked the student, what his name and in which class studying. He said, my name is Saravanan and studying in 10+2. 

My answer to the student was; actually this has been question answered in beautiful way long-long ago by Isaac Newton himself, the discoverer of gravitational law. Newton said, "the only miracle is the earth at a unique distance, gets required warmth and light from the Sun"

Let me answer further to your question. 

What is the environment of other planets?

I said, dear young friend, 
do you know that on Jupiter, 
three thousand times the size of the earth, 
a powerful hurricane has been raging for the past 400 years: 

on Neptune wind speeds reach up to 3200 km per hour,
that is over 10 times higher than the strongest gusts 
mustered by Katrina, USA or Tsunami winds India's experienced. 

On Mars, the dust stormed continuously engulfs part of the planet. 

On Saturn's Moon Titan it rains liquid methane and 

Venus is chocked by a thick smoggy blanket of sulfuric acid. 

Is any species, possible such an environment? 
Scientific debates going on..., 

but fortunately

none of these happen on our planet earth
and we are safe."


Monday, July 13, 2015

Dr.APJAK Speech @ Launch of the Rashtirya Avishkar Abhiyan

"Excellence in thinking and actions"

Why we learn?

I have often wondered 
what makes us learn ? 
Why we go to school and universities,
read books, surf net for knowledge ? 
So, why we learn ?

I have three thoughts to answer this question. 
First we learn to live. 
Second we learn to think. 
And third, we learn to learn. 

Let me elaborate.

We learn to live ?

As many times since education is for making a person 
as a good human being and enlightened citizen, 
then livelihood and ultimately for career growth. 

Whether you become an officer, a teacher, 
businessmen or businesswomen, a soldier, 
an engineer or doctor or scientists, 
or any profession you cherish to become, 
the fundamental need is 
education, education and right type of education.

We learn to think ?

When we use our knowledge 
which will give us new thoughts. 
For instance, 
Scientists learn science to give them 
the ability to think differently and 
evolve new concepts.

The great examples of learn to think 
in our country Sir CV Raman and 
in USA - Albert Einstein.

Finally, We learn to learn. 
This is where passion 
is fueled by knowledge.
It is when, 
an individual immerses
himself or herself in all possible means 
to gain knowledge and 
reflect on it energized by the zeal of 
knowing everything about a particular field. 

Such a person is undeterred by 
fears of failure and rejection. 

For instance, Ramanujam, the great mathematician 
continued his learning of mathematics with full passion and 
he was not even affected by the fact that 
he did not do so well in all other subjects. 

Einstein was immersed in his relativity theory and 
mass-energy equation as he was learning to learn? and 
no worldly criticism and ridicule 
could make him change his path. 

Hence, every one of the students should 
imbibe the thought that 
"learn to live ? 
learn to think ? and 
learn to learn".

--- Dr. APJ Abdulkalam ---

Courtesy: www.abdulkalam.com

An Amazing Poem By Ulaga Nayagan

Thamaya oh thamaya,
yen thagappanin sayal nee,
achagamthan ondru inge,
arthanggal vevveru..

Thamakkai oh thamakkai,
thozhi tholainthe ponaye,
thunaithedi ponaye..

Manavi oh kathali,
Nee thaanda padiyellam 
Naanthanda kumainthiduvai,
Saathirathil sutchamanggal puriyumvarai.

Magane oh magane,
en vinthitte vithaye, 
sediye, marame, kaade, 
marupirappe maranasoukaryame,

Magale yen magale,
yennai pirinthum 
inbam kaanbaya,
kathalithe kanavanukkul 
ennai theduvaya...

Nanba oh nanba,
nee seitha natpellam,
nan seitha anbin palan,
ivvidamum avvithame...

Pagaiva oh pagaiva,
un aadaiyenum aganthaiyudan 
yen amanatthai keli seivai,
Nee udithinirkum aadaigale 
un amanatthin vilambaranggal,
Mathemendrum kulamendrum 
nee vaitthe thuni kadaigal 
nirmoolam aagividum...
Nirvaaname tanggum...

Vaasaga oh vasaga,
sagavaala sagavaasi, 
punnagai sei,
puruvam uyartthu,
Pithatral ena thondrin 
pizhayum thiruttu.

enathu kavi 
Naalai un variyil 
naan teriven.

English Translation:

Brother oh my brother,
you look like our father.
We are from same root,
but our life 
gives us different meanings.

Sister oh my sister, my friend.
You walked away from me 
searching your love…
simple means that girls 
will separate from her own family
once she get married.

Wife oh my lover,
you guide me,
motivate me,
help me and
be a backbone for me
to achieve goals in life
which even you 
don’t do it for yourself.

Son oh my son,
you are my soul, life.
May you have blessed life.

Daughter oh my daughter,
will you be happy 
after marriage
or will you search me 
in your loving husband?

Friend oh my friend,
your frienship is the results of my love

Enemy oh my enemy,
you laughing at me 
because im naked [being human].
Your dress just covering your nudity.
Your religion and caste dresses 
will gone one day,
the nudity [humanism] 
only will last forever

Reader oh my reader [all humans],
read everything and 
understand everything.
Smile if you understand,
question if you not, and
correct it if you feel it’s wrong

My poem is yours,
I will be live long in your poems

--- Ulaga Nayagan Kamal Hassan ---

Thursday, January 8, 2015

2015 will get an extra second, but is the Internet ready?

On June 30th this year, a single second will be added to the world's atomic clocks, according to the Paris based International Earth Rotation Service (IERS), which keeps tracks of such things. The leap second needs to be added because as the Earth spins on its axis - causing days and nights - it is slowing down by about two thousandth of a second every day.

So, after 23:59:59 on June 30 2015, the world's atomic clocks will tick to 23:59:60 and then on to the standard 00:00:00 which is midnight. From here onwards it will continue normally to 00:00:01 which will be July 1.

The Earth's rotation, like a spinning top, is affected by many gigantic forces including earthquakes, tidal pulls and even weather. These can cause unpredictable changes in the rotation speed which is what our 'time' is linked to. The IERS tracks this, adds up bits of extra time segments and issues six-monthly bulletins to warn of any impending changes. This year's leap second will be the 26 thadded since 1972.

While such minuscule changes in time have hardly affected normal human lives till now, in this age of the computer and Internet even a second may become stunningly important. This was demonstrated in 2012 the last time a second was added to the world time. Several websites like Foursquare, Reddit, LinkedIn, and StumbledUpon suffered glitches as the extra second got added because their clocks couldn't figure out what happened.

Global IT giants are already preparing for this year's leap second. Google has devised a method called "leap smear" to get around the leap second problem. This strategy involved adding very small bits of time, adding up to one second, spread over a longer period rather than adding a full second at one go. In a blog post in 2011, Google's reliability engineer Christopher Pascoe had explained this:

"We modified our internal NTP servers to gradually add a couple of milliseconds to every update, varying over a time window before the moment when the leap second actually happens. This meant that when it became time to add an extra second at midnight, our clocks had already taken this into account, by skewing the time over the course of the day. All of our servers were then able to continue as normal with the new year, blissfully unaware that a leap second had just occurred.

While Google, with its vast resources can indulge in this fix, others may find it difficult to handle. So, you may expect some random glitches or outages come July 1.


Courtesy: TOI.