Sunday, October 30, 2011

தாய் பக்தி

(என் அன்னையின் பிறந்தநாள் இன்று)

(30௦.10௦ -> 30 அக்டோபர்)

முப்பது பத்து..

முன்னுறு நாட்கள் தவம் புரிந்து

முத்தொன்றை இப்பூவுலகிற்கு புறம் தள்ளிவிட்டவள் நீதான் அம்மா..

பிற உணவு நஞ்சாகும் என

பிஞ்சிலே நெஞ்சமுது ஊட்டியவளும் நீதான் அம்மா..

என்னை சுவாசிக்க வைத்தாய்

என்ன வியப்பு நான் வாசித்த முதல் கவிதை நீதான் அம்மா...

உலகநூல் பயில சொன்னாய், என்

உலகமே நீதான் அம்மா...

தேவாலயம் போக சொல்வாய், என்

தெய்வமே நீதான் அம்மா...

பிழை ஒன்று நான் செய்தால்

பிரம்பால் அடிப்பவளும் நீதான் அம்மா...

வலியால் நான் அழுதால்

வாரி அணைத்து தேன் சொற்கள் பேசுபவளும் நீதான் அம்மா...

ஊரு உறங்கும் வேளையிலே எனக்கு

உணவு சமைப்பவளும் நீதான் அம்மா..

நோய் என நான் படுத்தால்

நோம்பு கிடப்பவளும் நீதான் அம்மா..

படைத்தவனை பழித்து விட்டு என்னோடு

பத்திய உணவு புசிப்பவளும் நீதான் அம்மா..

கனவிலும் நான் அழுதால்

கண் விழிப்பவளும் நீதான் அம்மா..

எந்த தவமும் செய்யவில்லை, உன்னை பெறுவதற்கு

எந்த வரமும் தேவையில்லை, நீ போதும் எனக்கு.


Saturday, October 29, 2011

Dasavathaaram - An Interesting fact

A friend of mine called me and insisted to listen
to “Kallai mattum kandaal” song from Dasavathaaram.
and that there was a particular set of lines that he found impressive.

When I listened to the song again,

and After decoding the real meaning of that song,

I figured which lines would have impressed my friend.

The lines are:

"Rajalakshmi naayagan Srinivasan dhaan

Srinivasan saei indha Vishnu dhaasan dhaan

Naattil undu aayiram raaja raajar dhaan

Raajanukku raajan indha Rangarajan dhaan"

This translates to

“Rajalakshmi’s husband is Srinivasan.

Srinivasan’s son is this follower of Vishnu.

There may be thousands of kings around.

But I, Rangarajan, am king of kings.”

Hidden Meaning:

Kamal Hassan’s parents are Rajalakshmi and Srinivasan.

and Vaali’s father is also Srinivasan.

Vaali, of course, is the lyricist’s psuedonym.

His given name is Rangarajan.

The lines quoted here therefore can be interpreted in different ways.

The most straight forward meaning is such that

The First two lines refer to Kamal Hassan the person, and the next two refer to Vaali.

Regards, BMS

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Are sqrt(2) and the constant pi, Rational or Irrational Numbers?

Two of the concepts which at a time really confused me are sqrt(2) and the other related one is circumference of a circle.

If we have a triangle with a base and perpendicular of unit length, then it's hypotenuse would be sqrt(2) long. Obviously, such a length sandwiched between two other definite and measurable lengths should also be definite and measurable. Here, I use the words "definite" and "measurable from mathematics' point of view. If humans can't measure anything definitely or absolutely, it's their limitations, not mathematics'. As sqrt(2) is irrational number and has never-ending trail of digits after the decimal point, so as a result one might argue that if something never ends then how can it be used to represent something definite (in this case hypotenuse of the triangle)? In calculus we find limits for functions using mathematical methods and we say it's the limit which the function tries to reach without ever actually reaching there. Likewise, the length of the hypotenuse which equals the value of sqrt(2) is the 'pictorial' limit and in this case human methods are the reason which prevent us from really calculating the value of sqrt(2).

The same argument goes for circumference of a circle which is 2*pi*r. Pi is an irrational number just like sqrt(2) with unending trail of digits after the decimal point. We have the 'pictorial' limit before us but we don't have the instrument to reach it.

I understand my reasoning is, perhaps, convoluted and a little erroneous. But I'm sure you can see beyond what I wrote and can extract the correct bits of information, and can fill the gaps between them to make the reasoning understandable for you. What is your opinion on length sqrt(2) and circumference? Please let me know. Thank you.

Regards, BMS