Saturday, October 29, 2011

Dasavathaaram - An Interesting fact

A friend of mine called me and insisted to listen
to “Kallai mattum kandaal” song from Dasavathaaram.
and that there was a particular set of lines that he found impressive.

When I listened to the song again,

and After decoding the real meaning of that song,

I figured which lines would have impressed my friend.

The lines are:

"Rajalakshmi naayagan Srinivasan dhaan

Srinivasan saei indha Vishnu dhaasan dhaan

Naattil undu aayiram raaja raajar dhaan

Raajanukku raajan indha Rangarajan dhaan"

This translates to

“Rajalakshmi’s husband is Srinivasan.

Srinivasan’s son is this follower of Vishnu.

There may be thousands of kings around.

But I, Rangarajan, am king of kings.”

Hidden Meaning:

Kamal Hassan’s parents are Rajalakshmi and Srinivasan.

and Vaali’s father is also Srinivasan.

Vaali, of course, is the lyricist’s psuedonym.

His given name is Rangarajan.

The lines quoted here therefore can be interpreted in different ways.

The most straight forward meaning is such that

The First two lines refer to Kamal Hassan the person, and the next two refer to Vaali.

Regards, BMS

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